Voz Para Todas

The project Voz Para Todas - Voice for All - is an initiative of the non-profit organizations GoodWill Mozambique and Petit Papillon e.v. 

and is planned for late summer 2022. 

Voz Para Todas stands for the emancipation of young women who, through artistic experiential spaces, recognize the efficacy of their voices and develop the courage to initiate new processes within their community.


Why is Voz Para Todas needed?

Being socialized as a woman in Mozambique still means occupying an oppressed position in society. Structural oppression of women manifests itself in the form of domestic violence, sexual assault, but also in the deprivation of subjectivity and autonomy. 

The idea for Voz Para Todas originally grew out of the need to create a shelter for women who had to go through such painful and traumatizing experiences. This protected place should give them space to talk about their experiences. It allows time for processing and healing and offers a way back into society through confidants. In this way, supportive strands of solidarity are created between those affected, which openly and vividly pave the way full of readiness for action for a new future. To achieve freedom as an individual, we need to be aware that independent action and thinking is possible.


How much opportunity does a young woman have to make decisions on her own if she has never been able to learn to do so? Having a voice, using it to have a say, is a privilege that most women are structurally deprived of. Voz Para Todas needs it because every woman should have the right to be a free individual who can live, think and act in safety. Women, as an essential part of our society, deserve to be active and equal in making decisions with, for and through the community.

What are our goals? 

Our goal is to create this safe space next February in Vilankuhlo to address this issue through artistic processes. In this, the voices of Vilankuhlo's women and girls will be included and strengthened to stand together for a safe and self-determined life for everyone. 

In the long term, this project will be the starting point for feminist initiatives in Vilankuhlo and will strengthen the exchange program between Petit Papillon e.V. and Good Will Mozambique.

How do we want to work? 

The empowering power of Voz Para Todas finds its way into the Vilankuhlo community through changing workshop offerings, participatory art practice and various initiatives. Not only women of all ages must be involved, but also male socialized people, so that 

together given structures and grievances can be changed. The structural oppression of female read persons cannot be addressed in symptom fighting but must be brought to the awareness of all members of a community because only in this way can change be created. Various media and methods are used to initiate this.

Artistic practice 

Artistic work plays a decisive role in our projects. Artistic creation is a universal language that connects body, mind and soul. Voz Para Todas is thus a tool for strengthening community and the ability to live creative action. 

Art can heal just like that. Artistic practice is a form of expression that creates a visual reflection surface for processing traumatic experiences. Our artistic practice within the project serves to build important factors of resilience, such as strong self-awareness, healthy self-regulation, self-efficacy, and active problem-solving behaviours. 

Participatory Strategies 

Voz Para Todas affects everyone in a community in different ways, which is why everyone needs to get involved. 

Participatory in this sense means that each person has partaken, involvement and co-determination to the same extent in this project. 

In February, we would like to make Voz Para Todas participatory with our fellow people in Vilankuhlos. The project is mainly supported by the women and girls of Vilankuhlos. The voices of the women of Vilankuhlos decide in which direction, form and dimension Voz Para Todas will develop. The structural framework results from the cooperation of our organizations, the collaboration with local artists and feminist initiatives. 

Philosophical basis - Ethical Individualism 

Within the project, we are interested in various philosophical questions that revolve around individual freedom and rights, but also how we can create a future together and practically, where everyone can live a good, self-determined life. 

We learn in the socialization process what our role in society is, what we think and how we are "allowed" to act. In this way, individuals, so-called minorities and marginalized groups are denied their subjectivity who do not fit into the collective norm of patriarchy. Ethical individualism offers a way to make one's world tangible, in all its facets and from different perspectives. As an individual, one acquires the ability to move into active

action and to think independently. Given structures can be questioned - change can happen. 

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