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Unfortunately, many children around the globe are suffering and struggling with their life due to loss or abandonment of their parents. Only in Mozambique, there are around 1.5 million orphans. Because of the great poverty, they are obligated to earn money at a young age. They work on fields, markets, as shoe cleaners or as beggars. Most children do not have a birth certificate, which leads to another problem, because without official documents there is no state protection. The children are subjected to abuse, forced marriage, child labour and the service of the weapon. 


Additionally, they don’t have the possibility to go to school , learn a job and make a living once they are grownups. They have to find a way to survive without getting any support.


That’s not a future a child should face

You might not notice when you visit Vilankulo as a tourist, but there exists a lot of poverty in the communities. Due to their hard living conditions, the people cannot afford to live in the city itself. They have to stay outside of the community to live their simple life without access to education. That’s exactly where GoodWill Mozambique wants to intervene.

GoodWill Mozambique will open soon the first orphanage in Vilankulo, Mozambique for those children in need. In cooperation with the GEA (gabinete da esposa do administrador) GoodWill Mozambique got provided with some houses, which were an elderly home back in time, to turn that abandoned place into a home full of joy and love for Vilankulo’s vulnerable children. The at that time elderly home is consisting of 7 little houses, which will be completely renovated and partly new built. In addition running water and electricity will be provided all over the place. To make the place secure for our children, there will be a wall surrounding all the property and a security on the spot for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once the place is ready, we will be welcoming around 30 children of the district of Vilankulo to give them access to education, a home full of love and a chance for a better future. The children will have a fixed weekly schedule, which includes the following:

- school 
- time for homework 
- cleaning/cooking 
- various lessons taught in the orphanage 
- different activities/freetime 
...and much more…

Would you like to help us to enable those kids in need a better future? Do you want to support us? Or do you wish to become a godfather or godmother of one of our kids? Or do you want to be volunteer on our orphanage? 


Get in touch with us and we will be very happy to welcome you on board.

Our Partners on that project

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