COVID 19 - Let's fight hunger

As inhabitants of a country heavily dependent on tourism, Mozambicans are particularly suffering from the consequences and measures of the COVID-19 crisis. With the flow of tourists virtually at a standstill since the end of 2019, it is almost impossible for most of the Mozambican population to generate an income. Funds for food, clothing, and education are lacking. Many people, especially families living outside the community, are going through very difficult times.


Thanks to a successful crowdfunding, we were able to provide around 80 families in the district of Vilanculos with food and hygiene packages for an average of 6 people, helping them temporarly.


In January 2021 we visited some of these families.


The affected people are very grateful for our help, which we could offer through your support. Nevertheless, they are still very badly off. They continue to suffer insanely from the consequences of the measures due to COVID-19.


So we do not give up and continue to try our best to help these people a little bit.