help for luisa and her children

During one of our community visits we came across a family who also lost their house due to a fire. The mother, who lives there with her 6 children and a grandchild (her husband lost his life a few months ago), told us her story.


One night, they were already sleeping, their house caught fire. The mother woke up because of the fire, saved herself and the children and had to watch her house burn down completely, because water to extinguish the fire was not available. To this day it is not known how the house caught fire.

So the family lost everything and had no possibility to build a new home. They lived in this house for over a month.


During our visit, it suddenly started to rain very heavily. We took refuge under a tree and still got completely soaked and so were the few belongings of the family. It was at this moment that we really realized how this family must be suffering. So, without further ado, we decided to help this family. After a short purchase of some materials and about 2 hours of work the house of the family looked like this. Now at least they have a shelter and a roof over their heads to protect themselves from storms.