About GoodWill Mozambique

GoodWill Mozambique is a non-profit and non-governmental association based in the Grisons, Switzerland and Vilankulo, Mozambique. The association is engaged in various charity projects in Vilankulo, Mozambique and was founded in the year of 2020 by Gina Orsatti from Switzerland and Pedro Nhamirre from Vilankulo, Mozambique.

What We Do

GoodWill Mozambique campaigns for needy children, families and single persons in Vilankulo, Mozambique.


The education system in Mozambique is not really developed and many children cannot attend the school due to different reasons. GoodWill Mozambique wants to facilitate that access for children and adults. In addition we want to empower the women, since the gender equality in Mozambique is still not existing.


If essential, GoodWill Mozambique also serves the needy people with staple food, clothing or sanitary articles.


Our vision

We as GoodWill Mozambique see everyone equally and treat everyone with the same rights - we believe in equality for everyone.


There is no discrimination in all our work and projects – everyone values as much as the others do.


We want to offer a thorough education to the local youth, multiply the available options and open the horizon to their future – then education is the key to success.


There is still so much potential of community development as well as our development – we work on that.

We started only as a duo, but our team keeps growing. 

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Our Team