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We as GoodWill Mozambique work on a voluntary basis and receive our financial resources only from donations. Since we are personally on site, we assure, that 100 % of the donations go directly into our projects and the necessary expenses for them.

GoodWill Mozambique counts officially to the tax deductible institutions in Switzerland. That means, if you donate for GoodWill Mozambique and you are living in Switzerland you can deduct the donated amount from your taxable income. GoodWill Mozambique will provide you with a confirmation of your annual donation, which you can hand in to the tax office together with your tax decleration.


CHF 100

You enable at least one child to attend school for a whole year (including all material and uniform)

CHF 500

You help us to pay electricity and therefore also running water for the whole campus for at least 2 months

CHF 200

One of our employees doesn't have to worry about his salary and therefore the supply of food for his family for a whole month

CHF 1000

You allow us to grow a garden, so we are able to provide food to our children and employees constantly


GoodWill Mozambique
Account: 15-585535-5
IBAN: CH23 0900 0000 1558 5535 5


Do you want to support a specific project?

Mention it in your payment

Sponsor a child

Become a godfather or godmother of one of our children and enable him/her to attend school


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Personal commitment

Help personally with us, we would like to take you with us to Mozambique


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