Fight against drug consume in the youth

The United Nations Organization estimates that about 200 million people worldwide use illicit drugs, or more than 5% of the world's population over the age of 15.


The World Health Organization estimates tobacco and alcohol use at 30% and 50% of the population in the same age group, respectively. These are figures that illustrate well that drug use is a major problem around the world and should make us think.


We as GoodWill Mozambique have therefore launched our sports project called "ATLETICO MARITIMO FC". In this project boys and girls participate in trainings and tournaments in different sports like beach soccer, field soccer and indoor soccer. Through this sports project, we actively fight against drug use and are committed to sustainable community development. With the support of the YASSIN AMUJI Foundation from Vilanculos and our partner Passport Legacy, this project was founded.

Our goal:

Due to the great poverty in Mozambique, children are forced to work at an early age. They have to help their parents in their stores, work as shoe shiners or beggars, do not attend school and therefore do not get an education. The danger of falling into a bad society is great. Our goal is to give these children and young people another occupation, where they learn to take responsibility, to work in a team and to train self-discipline. Participating in our project keeps them busy and thus away from the streets and bad environment. In addition, engaging in physical activities brings numerous benefits to the child's life. In addition, exercise provides a healthy interaction with fellow human beings.

So far we have established a football team for boys and young men. A team for girls and young women will follow.