Celebration day

On March 23 we spent a wonderful day together with about 40 children from our area. Those kids and their families live under really difficult life conditions.


The children were picked up in the morning near their homes and brought to our Orfanato GoodWill, where they were welcomed with a juice and some cookies. Then the first thing was a round of games and laughter. At about 1 p.m. we filled our bellies with a sumptuous lunch and then the children in particular, but also their mothers and our team members, showed us their dancing skills. At the end the children drew some beautiful pictures before they were brought back home in the minibuses.

It was a wonderful day and it was so great to see the children enjoying themselves, just having fun together and forgetting other problems from their lives for a moment.

We thank all our team for the great work, our partners for the good co-operation and of cours all the kids and parents, who made our day an unforgettable one.