GoodWill Mozambique

Together we make difference

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Welcome to GoodWill Mozambique

We are happy to show you

how we make a difference in people's life


and how you can make your personal contribution to it


Our Values

Observing the highest ethical principles and standards, setting an example of moral solidity, honesty and integrity

Educating the local community through workshops to reach a better delevopment of the society with the principle of gender equality

Valuing and following the principles of transparency, equity, accountability and corporate responsibility

Who are we?

GoodWill Mozambique is a non-profit and non-governmental association based in the Grisons, Switzerland and Vilankulo, Mozambique. The association is engaged in various charity projects in Vilankulo, Mozambique and was founded in the year of 2020 by Gina Orsatti from Switzerland and Pedro Nhamirre from Vilankulo, Mozambique.


Your contribution

How does your contribution help?

CHF 50/month

You guarantee 3 meals per day to one of our future kids

CHF 70/month

You guarantee 3 meals per day to one of our future kids , cover all the fees and material needed for the child to attend school for a whole year and additional activities

CHF 150/month

You guarantee one of our employee's salary, therefore he/she doesn't have to worry about the supply of food for his/her family 

custom amount

You enable us to act and help at short notice, wherever help is needed the most